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How To Prevent Menopause

Posted on: February 14, 2010

This is a common concern in women aged 40 years and over is a matter of menopause, because they believe in having sex, their partner is not satisfied anymore because they dry vagina.

The most effective way to treat the symptoms of menopause, estrogen is given treatment. This treatment is also called hormone replacement therapy (HRT). HRT can be used for: treatment of hot flashes and night sweats disturbing, problem cycle, vaginal dryness urinary complaints and grievances. Sometimes used for prevention of osteoporosis

and the development of cardiovascular disease. HRT can be given in various ways, such as the pill, patch, nasal spray, gel and implants.

The level of discomfort of menopause symptoms and the expected improvement with therapy play a role in determining whether or not to use HRT. Doctors can only give this advice: women should eventually make their own decisions.

The basic principles of hormone replacement
Estrogen can be given in various ways. If only the symptoms of bladder or vagina, will be chosen for local (local) administration. In general, symptoms (hot flashes), it is important that the hormones in the blood (systemic therapy), this example with pills or patches. In general, the route of administration is not important.

Under the influence of estrogen the endometrium grows. Continuous use of estrogen alone, mucosal derail growth. This can make the bleeding worse and may increase the risk of cervical cancer. This slip can be prevented with estrogen in combination with a progestogen to be taken. This will be given every month for sequential progestogen 10-14. After stopping the progestogen rather than follow the “period”.

Side effects hormone replacement
In the local (vaginal) treatment with hormones, such as vaginal dryness urinary complaints or symptoms without any obvious side effects. There is the possibility that the vagina slightly increased.

Systemic administration of estrogen (estrogen administration via blood) is more susceptible to side effects. In the short term primarily means that the chest pain and vaginal bleeding. When combined HRT (estrogen and progestin) can create a feeling bloated. In particular, long-term use of combined HRT increases the risk of breast cancer. The risk of developing gallstones and the occurrence of thrombosis is slightly increased (less than 1 per 100 women).

Treatment of menstrual disorders
In the irregular menstrual cycle is a good way as regular contraceptive pill first choice. Regular weather cycles and reduces blood loss. The pills made three of four weeks for enough hormones for menopausal symptoms yet. Can stop for a week or complaints arise, in this case will be transferred to the HST-pill.


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