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Traditional medicine in the Vaginal discharge

Posted on: February 15, 2010

 Vaginal discharge

White herbal remedy, drug tadisional white, white traditional herbs and free of disease vaginal discharge is to use betel leaves that grow wild around us or in traditional medicine plants in the courtyard of the house, making a very easy way.
Do you want to know how?
1 Cite some fresh leaves and then cleaned with sterile water
2 betel leaves with enough water to give
3 After the boil then chill until he feels the heat

4 Be prepared to clean up your crown.

Use each time you shower until you lost whitish.

These drugs can be used as a gargle for relief and eliminate bad breath body odor.
How to Prevent Keputihan naturally, you have to keep it clean sensitive areas. Cleanliness female organs should since getting out of bed and shower in the morning.

The following tip can be done:

1. Clean the intimate organ with cleanser that does not interfere with the pH stability around the vagina.

One of these cleaning products made from raw material milk. Such products can maintain the pH balance while enhancing normal flora growth and suppress the growth of unfriendly bacteria. Commonly used antiseptic soap is hard and can be normal flora in the vagina. This is not beneficial for vaginal health in the long term.2. Avoid the use of powder in the female organs with the aim of vaginal fragrant and dry throughout the day.

Powder has a fine particles are easily tucked here and there and eventually invited fungi and bacteria lodged in place.

3. Always dry the vagina before dressing.

4. Use a dry underwear.

If wet or damp, try to quickly replace with a clean and not used. Nothing wrong you bring a spare pair in a small bag as a precaution when the need to change.

5. Use underwear sweat absorbing material like cotton.

Satin pants or other synthetic materials to make the atmosphere around the intimate organs hot and humid.

6. Outer clothing is also noteworthy.

Jeans are not recommended because the pores is very tight. Choose a skirt or pants as a non-jeans material for air circulation around the intimate organs to move freely.

7. When menstruation, frequently changing dressings
Use a panty liner just in times needed. Do not be too long. Suppose that when traveling outside the home and release your return home.


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